Why is my dog not eating?

5 Reasons and Solutions for Loss Of Appetite In Dogs

Is your dog not eating food like he used to?  Does he turn his face away when you put his bowl in front of him? Not eating food for a day could be due to something minor but a loss of appetite for more than two days can be alarming and should not go untreated. The list of reasons for your dog not eating could be many, from behavioral problems to separation anxiety and more.

Read on to find out the reasons and solutions for the loss of appetite in dogs.


  1. Lack of exercise

Has your dog’s activity suddenly reduced? Is he not playing enough or going for his regular walks? Lack of exercise and activity could be one of the reasons for your dog not eating.

Try to increase his exercise levels and watch the difference. Usually, if it is not a health issue, your pet will bounce back to his old eating self.


Dog playing


  1. Stress or separation anxiety

Dogs are sensitive animals and any change in the environment can affect them. For instance, shifting into a new home, being away from the pet owner or losing a dear one. These types of changes directly affect their mood and therefore their appetite too.

In such cases, it is essential to give them more love and attention. Spend time with them and take them for long walks. Cuddle and snuggle with your canine companions. You will see them bounce back to life in no time.


Sad dog


  1. Hormonal changes

Like humans, dogs also go through hormonal changes and this often leads to loss of appetite. For instance, if your dog is pregnant, she would experience the above which might affect her eating habits.

It is normal and you should not worry much. She will get back her appetite in some time.


Pregnant Dog


  1. Infections and illnesses

Very often, your pet may not eat because he is ill. It could be a viral or bacterial infection, dental issue or a more severe illness. Dogs will never eat when they feel something is wrong inside their body.

If your dog’s loss of appetite is accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, bloody stools, high fever and other such signs, you should know it's time to rush to the vet!


Dog with illness


  1. Seasonal changes and loss of appetite

You may have noticed your dog’s food intake reducing in the summer. It is quite akin to humans. The scorching heat can be quite an appetite dampener.

Add more hydrating foods to their diet, like cucumber, curd, buttermilk and watermelons. You will see a marked difference in their diet.



So the next time your furball loses their appetite, don't forget to try our aforementioned tips. However, if these symptoms last for over a day or two, it's best to take them to the vet and get a proper diagnosis. This will ensure they get the right treatment and are back to their happy, healthy self sooner than you know it!

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