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Fidele was born out of a passion to give pets the absolute best. Close friends and doting pet parents, Bharat and Aiyaaz, saw a huge dearth of wholesome pet food brands with quality ingredients that fit the pocket of the Indian pet owner. Their dream was for Better—better pet food from better ingredients, at a better price, and a better life for your furry friend!

The Formulation

Fidele was formulated with the expertise of international Veterinary & Canine Nutrition Experts. In 2021, we decided to retain our Indian roots and add a herb mix that resonates with well-being. That's how Fidele+ was incepted. Though produced in Belgium to match the highest international standards, our recipes are inspired by the simple, wholesome nutrition of Ghar Ka Khaana made with love for our four-legged family members.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Unlike other brands, we choose to stand by the goodness of age-old familiar ingredients like chicken, rice, turmeric, coconut oil, ginger, flaxseed, etc. We believe in honest ingredients—no jumbled mess of misrepresented protein parts, chemicals here. A small team with a big heart, we believe in a better world for our pets and pets everywhere!

1. Just like your home-cooked recipe—no odd unfamiliar ingredients!
Natural and familiar ingredients | No wheat | No soy | Free from nasties

2. From puppy to senior, a complete diet for all life stages of your pet dog!
The right ratios of protein, fats, carbs, fibres and vitamins, that adapt the kibble size to the breed size.

3. A naturally amazing taste that even the fussiest eaters will love!
Pure, wholesome, handpicked, protein-rich ingredients because our dogs really do deserve the best.

4. A part of every sale is donated to an animal in need!
Every bag of Fidele+ purchased donates a part of it to help stop animal suffering.