No unfamiliar ingredients—Just like your home-cooked recipe!

Unlike other brands, we choose to stand by the goodness of age-old familiar ingredients like chicken, rice, turmeric, coconut oil, ginger, flaxseed, etc. We believe in honest ingredients—no jumbled mess of misrepresented protein parts, chemicals here.


Switched to Fidele a few years ago as my dogs are fussy eaters. And now they love their food! Their coats are better too. Thank you for the recommendation and prompt delivery, Orange Pet Nutrition!
Our Dolph loves to eat Fidele adult large breed kibble. It is filling for a 50+ kg dog. We appreciate that there is no wheat, soy, or other artificial additives and it is worth paying for this. Our dog has chronic joint and arthritic issues, so we choose the Fidele brand because it has turmeric and ginger which are anti-inflammatory.
Fidele is absolutely a treasured find for me. It helped build keebo's health from mere 9kg to 17kg in just 3 months. Keebo responsed to the food for both it's quality and taste. No gases, no side effects.. nothing. Best food ever.
Coco just loves Fidele... I think he gets all the right nutrients from Fidele.... it helps to maintain ideal weight .. the other feed his weight use to go up... but now he is perfect & energetic.


Today, too many dogs and cats live difficult, lonely, and unnecessarily short lives around the world. Our Million Animal Project came into being to change that. We donate a part of every Fidele+ bag purchased to the RESQ Charitable Trust, Pune.

Through our Million Animal Project, we have touched the lives of thousands of animals thus far, yet we have a long way to go. With your help, we are certain it’s not too far a day we make the lives of animals better, longer and healthier!

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