Dog wearing sunglasses in summer.
Summer is approaching and it is the best time to have some outdoor fun with your pet. Long walks in the park, picnics, beach time and dog-friendly hikes are ideal in this weather. But higher temperatures also mean a higher risk for your fur babies, from skin infections to sunstroke and indigestion.

Here are some tips to avoid these problems and bond with your pet this summer.


  1. Don’t leave your pet alone in the car

Dogs do not sweat like humans, so their body gets heated much faster. Leaving a dog alone in a heated car can cause heat stroke in minutes, so never leave them alone in the car, even if you are taking a pee break. It’s best to roll down the windows or leash him near the car.


Dog in a car


  1. Easy access to drinking water in summer

Dogs get thirstier faster than humans. Other than panting and drinking water, they have no other way to cool themselves down. So always keep some fresh drinking water around them in the summers.


Dog drinking water


  1. Sunscreen for dogs

It might sound absurd, but dogs do get sunburns, especially those with short or light-coloured coats. Like humans, sunburns can be painful for them and overexposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. So speak to your veterinarian and get your fur baby a good sunscreen.


Dog sun bathing


  1. Dog pool

Most dogs love water and it would be a good idea to get your pet a kiddie pool to cool off in the scorching heat. Place it on your lawn and let your canine companion enjoy the summer and if you feel like it, join them in the fun!


Dog in a pool


  1. Avoid exposure to hot sand and pavements

Metal surfaces and sand can get extremely hot in the summers. So it's best to avoid walks on pavements during the day. It can burn your dog’s paws. Stick to grassy and wooded areas for walks at dusk and dawn.


Dog playing in grass


  1. Avoid strenuous workout

Dogs get dehydrated quickly, so it’s best to keep those rigorous workouts at bay during summers. The same is true if the humidity levels are high. Instead, you can keep your dog busy with some simple indoor activities.


Dog sleeping in the grass


  1. Keep pets away from pests

Ticks and mosquitoes are at their peak during summers. It's best to give your dog tick care in advance and also try different preventatives after consulting the vet. Always do a thorough skin check for ticks after a long walk in the woods.


Removing ticks from dog


  1. No drinking water from ocean, lakes and pools

Temperatures would be soaring and your pet might be tempted to drink water from the lake, ocean or the dog pool you take him to. Do not let him drink this water as it causes dehydration and vomiting. It can be fatal if he ingests too much of it.. So always carry freshwater along when you are out with your fur baby.


Dogs drinking fresh water


  1. Add-ons to dog food

Help your pet beat the heat by adding some easy-to-digest food to their diet. Watermelons, cucumber, yogurt and buttermilk make for cooling summer accompaniments to regular dog food. Your pet is sure to love these summer delights.


Dog eating watermelon


Summer time can be a lot of fun with your canine companions. All you have to do is give your pet light dog food, protect their body from overheating and keep them hydrated and they're all set to beat the heat with elan!

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