Traveling with Dogs in a Train

Do you want to go on a train journey with your canine but you are unsure about the process? Let me guide you through the ins and outs of traveling with your dog on Indian Railways.

Indian Railways facilitates the transportation of various animals, including dogs, ensuring a safe and affordable journey. Pet owners have the option to accompany their dogs in first AC accommodation or book them as luggage in a luggage-cum-Brake Van under the supervision of the Train Manager (Guard).

If you choose to travel with your dog in passenger compartments:

  • Book AC-First Class or First Class exclusively for you and your pet.
  • Only one dog per Passenger Name Record (PNR) is allowed.
  • Book the dog at the luggage office at least 3 hours before the train departure.
  • Prescribed charges for pet dogs in AC First Class/First Class will apply.
  • Dogs are not permitted in AC2 tier, AC 3 tier, AC Chair Car, Sleeper Class, and Second-Class Compartments.
  • Owners must carry a doctor’s certificate detailing the breed, color, and gender of the pet.

While these are the rules given by then Indian Railways, my personal experience was slightly different. I traveled with my dog from Pune to Vadodara and back. I booked two tickets in AC first compartment and a few days before the journey, I went to the railway station with a letter addressed to the TC. In the letter, I requested him to grant me a coupe so that no other passengers have any objections. 

Some people also told me to book all the 4 seats because if someone objects, the dog can be sent to the luggage compartment. 

For puppies in baskets:

  • Puppies can be carried in baskets in all classes with a confirmed ticket and valid proof of identity.
  • Prescribed luggage charges apply, and a doctor’s certificate for puppies is mandatory.

If you opt for the Brake Van:

  • Book your pet dog in the Dog-box in the luggage-cum-Brake Van under the Train Manager's supervision.
  • Only one dog is allowed in a dog-box at a time.
  • Submit the Guard's foil obtained during booking to the Guard at the originating station.
  • Provide water and food for the dog during the journey.
  • Owners must present a doctor’s certificate for the booked dog.

I hope this article clears up most of your questions about dogs traveling in trains.

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