Simple Measures to Make the Life of Stray Animals around You Better

Stray animals in India suffer a lot, from being abandoned to malnourished and injured. It is an unfortunate fact that most of the strays go uncared for. However, organizations like RESQCT, a charitable trust for animals, are dedicated to looking after strays and rehabilitating them to lead better lives. Here are some ways you can make a contribution to help a stray in distress.

  • Vaccination and sterilization

The most critical thing for a healthy life of a stray dog or any other animal is to get them vaccinated and sterilized. Timely vaccination will ascertain that they don't end up suffering from any life-threatening diseases.


Stray dog getting vaccinated


  • Adopt stray dogs or cats

The noblest thing you could do is to adopt stray dogs or cats. They will get a home to live in and the love and care they deserve. You can pick up a stray from the roads or go to a shelter to adopt one and give them a home and family they can call their own.


Stray dog adoption


  • Give them food and water

Another noble gesture to do for strays around you is to give them simple home-cooked food filled with nutrition and some water because quite often they die or get dehydrated due to malnourishment. Moreover, stray animals often get into brawls with each other over food, which can lead to severe injuries and wounds.


Feeding stray dog


  • Be a sponsor

Organizations looking after stray animals require money to feed and treat them. Since these shelters and NGOs are always hard on funds, you can become a sponsor for one animal and take care of his food, shelter, and medical bills. You could also give a lump sum to an organization taking care of stray animals like RESQCT and contribute towards a good cause.


  • Donate

If you are not in a position to sponsor a stray animal, you can also donate in kind. If you have pets at home, you could give them used toys, clothes, feeding bowls, bedding, etc. Any help is welcome for these homeless creatures. You can also spread the word through social media to donate to such causes.


Donating dog accessories


  • Volunteer

NGOs and animal shelters looking after stray animals always need an extra hand to help them feed, treat and look after these beautiful souls. You can volunteer to spend time with such groups in taking care of the animals in every way possible. You can take out time on weekends or spend an hour every day for this noble cause. It is a good deed and a way to give back to society.


Volunteer work for stray dogs



The life of a stray dog and other animals is quite challenging with no proper shelter, timely vaccinations, and a balanced diet. They often go through stress and trauma too. Just like your furball at home, they also need love, care, and attention. It is a social responsibility that you need to take as a human to care for another being in distress. All you need is empathy and the rest will follow suit. So the next time you see a stray animal in need, go out there and do your bit to bring some joy to their lives!

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