Why Choose FIDÈLE?

Fidèle is French for ‘Loyal’. We believe that dogs should be given the same amount of commitment and loyalty that they bestow upon us, if not more. The most effective way is to ensure that their diets are healthy, tasty and balanced because for dogs ( and some of us humans too), food is EVERYTHING in life! At Fidèle WE ENSURE that CHICKEN is always first, so that you know your dog is getting only natural healthy goodness.


How do I read the feeding chart at the back of the pack

Reading the charts is a simple procedure.

For example, Su has a 5 year old Labrador who weighs 34kg, and doesn’t know how much to feed him per day and per meal.

Have a look at the feeding chart and see which bracket your dog fits in. In the case of Su, her dog fits int the 30-35kg ...

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