Ask Oliver

Fidèlus Oliver answers your frequently asked questions. We believe that dogs should be given the same amount of commitment and loyalty that they bestow upon us, if not more. The most effective way to do this is to ensure that their diets are healthy, tasty and balanced because for dogs (and some of us humans too), food is EVERYTHING in life!

Storage and Preservation

How do I keep the dog food fresh and prevent spoilage once the food pack is opened?

After you remove the right portion of food to feed your pet, ensure the bag is tightly sealed. This will prevent the food from absorbing moisture in the air and stay fresh for longer. Keeping the food in an airtight container once the pack is opened will also help prolong its shelf life

Does Fidele contain any preservatives?

We don’t use any artificial preservatives in Fidele. our products contain naturally occurring substances such as alpha-tocopherols and marigold extract, which are antioxidant in nature and help keep our dog food fresh for longer.

Quality Control

How do we ensure quality?

Fidele food undergoes stringent testing before it is shipped to us. We adhere to EU standards and also test our food prior to packaging to ensure a quality product.

What do I do if there is a problem with the bag of food I bought

If you believe our product does not live up to the standards we strive to maintain, please contact the store you bought it from, or contact us by phone or email for a full refund or a replacement.

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Is Chicken Meal the same a Chicken Meat?

This is a question you should be asking, meal uses any part of the chicken carcass plus potentially some feather beaks and comb. IF you see the words chicken meal, chicken derivatives on the pack you know you are not getting meat. Fidele IS pure chicken meat and is the best for your pet.

Why is there no wheat or soy in Fidele?

Wheat and soy are a common cause of allergies in dogs. They can cause a number of problems including hair loss and skin problems, upset tummies and may have serious health consequences. We here at Fidele have chosen to avoid these ingredients in order to provide a safe food for your dog that will have no effects on his or her health.

Why are there no specific Fidele foods for different breeds of dogs?

Many vets and nutritionists believe that a dogs diet should be formulated based on their life stage and lifestyle rather than the breed. We have formulated Fidele keeping these factors in mind.

How is puppy food different from the adult and senior food.

Dog food for different age groups requires different concentrations of nutrients as well as calorific value and kibble size. Puppies require a larger amount of protein in their diet to help them grow and develop properly as well as a higher calorific value. They also need smaller kibble to help assist chewing and teeth cleaning. In older dogs, high levels of protein could affect kidney function while high calorific food has effects on heart and liver function. Fidele has therefore formulated each product with the health and well being of the dogs in mind.

How much Fidele should I feed my dog?

Our nutritionists and veterinarians have designed customised feeding charts for your dogs based on their body weights, lifestage and lifestyle. Please refer to the charts at the back of every food package to help you determine the right amount of Fidele to feed your dog.

How do I pick the right Fidele food for my dog?

Life stage and size are the determinants to pick the right food for your dog

For example, if you have a 3 month old pug, pick Small & Medium Puppy while if you have a 7 year old Great Dane, pick the Adult Light & Senior

Look for the black button on each bag to help you make the right decision

How do I read the feeding chart at the back of the pack

Reading the charts is a simple procedure.

For example, Su has a 5 year old Labrador who weighs 34kg, and doesn’t know how much to feed him per day and per meal.

Have a look at the feeding chart and see which bracket your dog fits in. In the case of Su, her dog fits int the 30-35kg bracket. Su can thus feed her dog between 370 and 405 grams of Fidele per day. This amount may be split into equal portions depending on the number of times you decide to feed your pet.
If you feel that your pet is not finishing his or her food at one meal, try reducing the quantity for that meal and adding it to the next meal.

feeding chart

Where are the ingredients from?

We source Fidele from the EU, where it is made with the finest quality of ingredients, sourced locally.

Why is dehydrated chicken meat good?

Chicken meat consists of around 70% moisture. This moisture is removed during our processing, leaving behind a very good quality, concentrated source of meat protein which we add to our recipe. This protein is necessary in the proper growth and development of all animals

How to switch my dogs diet from his previous diet to Fidele?

Typically we recmmend the transition of food to occur over a week.
On day 1, mix 25% of your Fidele dog food with 75% of the previous diet.
On day 3, mix 50% of Fidele with 50% of the previous diet
On day 5, mix 75% of Fidele with 25% of the previous diet
On day 7, feed your dog 100% Fidele.

My dog is not eating fidele what should i do?

It is recommended by many veterinarians to change a pets diet gradually, over may be 5 - 10 days, if you do this the dog is unlikely to reject change. Just like us they like routine and trust you.

I cannot change gradually as I have run out of my old food?

As we mentioned above changing diets gradually is recommended, however as Fidele is made of such high quality ingredients an abrupt change will rarely result in loose stools. When it dose occur this is just due to the natural flora in the dogs gut adapting to the great food, within a few days all should be well.

Store Location

Where can I buy Fidele?

We have a large number of distributors and affiliated stores which sell Fidele. Please see our store locator on our website and app to help you determine the most convenient store for you.

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What is marigold extract?

Marigold contains a large number of cartenoids, the most important of which are lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene. These act as antioxidants and help protect cells from damage to their DNA caused by free radicals or hazardous molecules. The antioxidants also help keep our dog food fresh for longer by preventing spoilage.

What is Mojave yucca?

Yucca (Pronunced YU-CAH) is a medicinal plant native to Mexico. The plant contains several physiologically active phyto chemicals which act as anti-inflammatory and antioxidizing agents. Yucca is also known to reduce the foul odour in dog faeces when present in their diet.