Starter Puppy

Starter Puppy
Available Sizes:
1 kg - Rs. 570
4 kg - Rs. 2,060
15 kg - Rs. 7,050
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One of the most crucial stages in a dog’s life is the first few formative months as a puppy. Fidèle Puppy Starter Food is a complete and balanced dry food for Puppies up to two months of age.

Fidèle’s Starter Puppy Formula is specifically designed to meet the special nutritional needs of growing puppies as well as those of pregnant or nursing adult dogs.

Enhanced with DHA for optimal brain and vision development, our Starter Puppy Formula has Chelated minerals which help develop a robust immune system; also, an ideal ratio of Omega-6 and Omega- 3 fatty acids ensure a healthier skin and coat.

Nutritional Benefits:

Balanced Growth
Proper protein to energy ratio with calcium, phosphorous and magnesium.
Brain Development
DHA’s primary source is from the milk of the mother. Fidèle food ensures your puppy gets its regular supply of this essential element even after the lactating stage.
Optimum Immunity
Essential Vitamins and Minerals improve cellular health and help develop a robust immune system and resistance to diseases.
Digestive Health
Prebiotics and Probiotics added during the process help promote a healthy intestinal tract and overall digestive health.